C++11 / C++0x Documentation

1 11 2011

You want to improve your “old” C++ code base by allowing new features or bug fixes to be enhanced with C++11? The questions you will face on the way are manifold. First, what exactly allows me C++11 to do? Where is some documentation? What is the purpose of those features. Compared to languages like Ruby or Python the C++ standard library and language itself is not too well documented online.

As a preparation for a lecture I’m holding in the next semester I was compiling a list of links to C++11 / C++0x documentation sites and as some kind of personal archive I will post them here:

General C++11 / C++0x FAQ

New Features (Overview)

Compiler Support

Standard Library Documentation

I will update this list as I find new sources. If you have any more links you think that are missing, please mention them in the comments and I will add them.



3 responses

1 11 2011
1 11 2011

I agree that there is additional information available via the Draft PDFs, but PDF seems not very suitable to navigate in and at least for me does not feel right. Why is there no HTML version of the standard?

1 11 2011

Don’t know why there’s no HTML version, but the standard of C++ costs a lot of money…

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