rDBLP version 0.4.5 released

11 10 2010

DBLP version 0.4.5 is more or less a maintenance release. It fixes several connection problems and as an improvement removes the cross-reference from the BibTeX entry. The book title in the main entry is now replaced by the title of the cross-reference. This should be more convenient with regards to the limited space in a research paper.

To update your gem execute

sudo gem install dblp

For more detail see my original post.





2 responses

8 11 2012

I’d like to suggest a feature.

I’m working on a sigmod paper and I have space problems / trouble fitting all the content. One trick to save space is to shorten the bib entries such that conference names are abbreviated, all authors beyond the first author are replaced with “et al.”, etc.

So I guess a mode for compact references would be an awesome addition to your tool.

18 07 2016

Hi .. I am trying to use your gem, but I get an empty dblp.bib file. I get some warnings for missing entries in my current bib with respect to the main.aux file and the fowllowing:
(There were 20 warnings)
Stored 341 entries in dblp.bib

I am on OSX on a Mac, what could have gone wrong? Is there a way to get more debug? Personal firewall also requests an access to dblp.org.

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