Emacs Movement Shortcuts Wallpaper

9 10 2010

Stumbling across the Vim Movements Shortcuts Wallpaper, I decided to make one for Emacs. Basically I really like the idea of having a real quick reference to the most important shortcuts on your desktop.

Emacs Wallpaper

If you have any additional shortcuts that you would love to have, please leave a comment. If you want to modify the wallpaper, I uploaded the original PDF version of the wallpaper that you can easily modify with any tool of your choice.





6 responses

10 10 2010
Ted Naleid

Nice! I made an emacs one before making the vim one and it turned out similar to what you did. I never quite finished it as I couldn’t figure out what the appropriate thing to put in the lower right hand corner was, but I think that the C-x r stuff is a good choice. Just as vi and emacs get configured uniquely by every user, I think it makes sense for everyone to have their own cheatsheet for the things they want to remember.

10 10 2010

Nice! Small error, C-f is forward-char, not C-a.

10 10 2010

Perhaps add M-m (back-to-indentation), and C-j (newline-and-indent), which I find quite useful.

10 10 2010

Thanks for the bug report. I fixed it and uploaded the new version + included the other two useful shortcuts. Especially M-m I tend to always forget.

10 09 2012
Vim Shortcut Wallpaper « Vim Foo

[…] Finally, if you do a little googling, you can find other shortcut and cheatsheet wallpaper images, such as this one for Emacs. […]

22 11 2012

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