rDBLP — Easy BibTeX Management for your Research Paper

31 08 2010

Maintain your LaTex bibliography files using DBLP

It’s always the same, you write a paper / thesis and you are searching for source, than you modify them until they fit into the format you are currently using. But this should not be. A better way is to extract the right key from DBLP and automagically create the correct bib file. You think this is magic? No it’s not, it’s so easy.

There are only two prerequisites for using rDBLP on your computer:

  1. Make sure Ruby and RubyGems are installed
  2. Make sure you have a working internet connection

To install the gem execute this from you command line:

sudo gem install dblp

Once this is done you can use it directly for any LaTex file. Imagine you have LaTex file containing somewhere the following citation.

The entity shaping used in web services as discussed in \cite{DBLP:conf/IEEEscc/GrundKZ08}...


When you run now the dblp command in your terminal, the program will read the auxiliary files from the compilation and extract the requested DBLP citation sources. Than it will download them and store them directly in a file called “dblp.bib” which you can use in your LaTex document.

dblp my_file

To make it really easy, here is a screencast I did for my small little tool:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via mail or contact me using Twitter.




7 responses

11 10 2010
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25 10 2010
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20 03 2011
Roshan James

So I tried installing the gem:

$ sudo gem install dblp
For more information on dblp, see http://dblp.rubyforge.org
NOTE: Change this information in PostInstall.txt
You can also delete it if you don’t want it.
Successfully installed dblp-0.4.5
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for dblp-0.4.5…
Installing RDoc documentation for dblp-0.4.5…

But then, there is no dblp command available. Am I missing some steps?

$ dblp
No command ‘dblp’ found, did you mean:

20 03 2011

Hi Roshan

I think I forgot to push something to the repository. I’ll send you the latest version later today including a better README.

Thanks for trying.

25 11 2011
Peter Flach

This sounds like a tool I might use, but like Roshan my shell can’t find the dblp command after installing.

25 11 2011


I just tested it using a freshly installed Ubuntu system, and after installing rubygems via `sudo apt-get install rubygems` I can install the dblp gem.

When I execute `which dblp` it is locaed in `/usr/local/bin`. Can you please check where your rubygems are located and if this is in your path?


25 11 2011
Peter Flach

Sorry, I should have said I’m on Mac OS X Lion.
Thanks for your help,


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