Be kind? Re-Kind! – Easy Reformatting of Scientific Papers

31 01 2010

The first time I held a Kindle in my hands I thought, this might be a game changer – at least until you start reading scientific papers which have a two column layout. Which is great for printed media, but as soon as you want to read it using a device zooming won’t help. Thanks to a hint of Christian I found this blog entry from Steven Wittens presenting the idea of cutting a two-column PDF page into 4 pieces. The complete program was written in Python and a no-brainer to execute – if you love the command line as I do. Unfortunately lot’s of my colleagues don’t and were wishing for a nice UI to easily drag and drop files to rework.

Based on the idea of Steven I rewrote the code and added the possibility to have multiple configurations (as how many columns you are splitting and how many vertical splits you want to make) and put it together using Titanium application. The result is a neat desktop app that presents a simple UI for the task.

To select files that you want to split just drag and drop them in the dropbox and click on process as soon as you are finished. The output files will be in the same directory as the input files but with a rekind appended to the filename.

To download the applicaton for Mac or Linux go to its Titanium application page, the complete source for the Titanium project and is available on Github using the MIT license.

As usual I’m glad for any feedback and feature requests.





One response

2 02 2010

who was the colleague? 😉
Great work!

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